Mother Of 15 Children Reveals She's Carrying 16th ChildA 38-year-old American mother of 15 children, Patty Hernandez, has revealed she is pregnant with her 16th child.

Patty Hernandez, and her 37-year-old husband Carlos, who is a floor cleaner, live with their gigantic family in North Carolina, and they are set to welcome their latest addition, the 16th child.

Amazingly, all 15 of her children have names beginning with “C” in honour of their father.

Mother Of 15 Children Reveals She's Carrying 16th Child

Although, six out of the five boys and 10 girls Patty and Carlos have, are sets of twins.

Carlos Jr, 12, Christopher, 11, Carla, nine, Caitlyn, nine, Cristian, eight, Celeste, seven, Cristina, six, Calvin, five, Catherine, five, Carol, four, Caleb, three, Caroline, three, Camilla, two, Charlie, one and Crystal, four months, will be joined by a baby girl due in May 2021.

Despite admitting that raising so many children can be stressful, the mother-of-15 is happy to have more kids.

Mother Of 15 Children Reveals She's Carrying 16th Child

“It is a bit more stressful and difficult with a newborn. The babies are always crying and I have to take care of them. But it is a blessing, we enjoy it.

“We have left everything to God so whatever God wants to give us we will be happy.

“We don’t use contraception. It’s always crazy at our house.”

Patty who spent over a decade making babies after welcoming her first child in 2008,  said: “I’m so happy when I’m pregnant.

Mother Of 15 Children Reveals She's Carrying 16th Child

“Around three months after I have a baby I usually get pregnant again.”

The proud mother added that having so many children creates a lot of housework but she is already training the older children about house chores.

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“Right now I have a thousand clothes to wash – that’s at least five hours of folding clothes every two days.

“I do laundry at least four times a week. When the kids play, they often leave toys on the floor so I need to clean that up too.

“I try to give them a daily routine to clean up after themselves. They have their own chores.

“The older one makes his own pancakes sometimes, but most of the time I am the one doing the cooking.”

According to Patty and Carlos, they spend £375 a week on groceries and nappies and are currently shopping for a new vehicle as they have outgrown their 16-seater bus.


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