Amid Death Rumours, North Korean Defector Claims Kim Jong Un Cannot Stand Or Walk by Himself
Kim Jong Un and Thae Yong-ho

North Korean Dictator, Kim Jong Un‘s disappearance from public view suggests that he cannot stand up or walk by himself, a North Korean defector, Thae Yong-ho, has said. 

He told CNN that Kim’s ‘abnormal’ absence from a ruling party showpiece on April 15 signalled that the dictator must be physically impaired. 

‘I’m not quite sure whether he really had some surgery or whatever, but one thing is clear… he cannot stand up by himself or walk properly,’ said Thae, a former North Korean diplomat who was elected to the South’s parliament earlier this month. 

Seoul and Washington have played down rumours that Kim is gravely ill or dead, but Thae said only the supreme leader’s family and closest aides would know the truth.  

Kim was last seen in public on April 11, when he presided over a meeting of the ruling Workers’ Party in Pyongyang. 

On April 15, he inexplicably missed a Day of the Sun celebration honouring his grandfather Kim Il-Sung, the founder of North Korea. 

His unprecedented absence sparked a wave of speculation about his health, and he has not been seen in public since. 

‘Kim Jong Un is not only the leader of North Korea, but he is the grandson of Kim Il Sung … to North Korean eyes it is really abnormal,’ said Thae.  

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Reports have claimed that Kim had heart surgery and is now seriously ill or even dead, but these claims are impossible to verify.


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