Life Of A Celebrity: A Short Story On Fame

Twenty four years of my acting career, my life has become public affairs. From my personal life down to my bedroom life, you know what remains to be found out? I guess it’s the colors of my undies. And I still doubt if those publishers don’t know about that.

I wake up every morning with the worst anxiety, “what bad story will they write about me today?” my worst fear is waking up and finding something bad about me on the internet. A normal stroll out, I get lots of people, taking photos of me, sometimes I really want to get violent or stop them but I can’t. I would be termed a bad celebrity and those people actually think it’s their right to take photos of me, which I find very intruding.

Being famous is a farce; you are expected to dress all expensive all the time. Nobody believes you are broke at a time and everyone is checking out your outfits at all times. “I notice you have worn this pair of slippers in five of your photos,” a fan commented on my Instagram post. Like, was I expected to wear my stuffs once?

The worst part is rumors about our source of income. We are addressed as bunch of whores or drugs traffickers. There are doubts about our source of income. They think our job is “too simple” to fetch so much money we display. What they don’t
really know is that we don’t have the kind of money they think we do. It’s all “packaging.”

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Life Of A Celebrity: A Short Story On Fame
Life Of A Celebrity: Illustration

A celebrity prefers to go hungry for days or even borrow money just to buy expensive cars and jewelries to save ‘face.’

Nobody wants to appear broke even when you are broke. And the dating part? Sometimes you are not sure if the toasters are real. You become paranoid whether they are after the money and the fame.

So many gold diggers everywhere and we always fall prey to these gold diggers. I get fed up with all these dramas. They forget some of us are just girls who want to experience nice love and romance.

The social media begging is alarming too. Your so-called fans would always send you messages, narrating how “their mother is hospitalized and needs urgent help for “surgery”.

They think we should all shut up and never complain because we live in a big house or drive nice cars. There is no way your life isn’t great with all these.

Most times, I feel isolated, although I have so many people following me everywhere. When you can’t go anywhere alone or do something naughty without making headlines, you feel depressed.

Howbeit, fame is still amazing completely priceless. Knowing you are adored by many has a way of boosting our ego. It pushes you to do more, not to let your fans down.

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Written by Doris


Ukamaka Doris, a graduate of Mass Communication, from Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka has a flair in writing and news reporting which led her into blogging. Previously, Ukamaka Doris has worked as an editor at and presenter at Unizik FM, 94.1, Awka. Ukamaka Doris can be contacted via phone call at 08167016206

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