Man Cuts Off Wife's Hand For Going Against His Words

Policemen in Yobe State have arrested a man, simply identified as Baari Bacha, for cutting off the hand of his wife, Halima Bulama. 

Bacha who intentionally carried out the act because Bulama refused to respect his orders of not attending any ceremony without his consent. 

Man Cuts Off Wife's Hand For Going Against His Words

Preliminary investigation revealed that on April 14, 2020, the victim, Halima, 20, sought the permission from her husband to attend an event, but he refused to grant her request and she left for the event after he had gone out. 

When Baari came back, he asked for her whereabouts and was told that she had gone for the event. He then went to look for her in the neighbourhood and couldn’t find her there.  

 He proceeded to her parent’s house and found her there. The victim’s brothers prevailed on her to follow her husband home, but she refused, which ignited an argument with her husband. 

Man Cuts Off Wife's Hand For Going Against His Words

The husband, out of anger and provocation from his wife’s action, used a cutlass he had carried from home and amputated her hand in the presence of her brothers.

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