Vesicovaginal Fistula: Here's A Short Story Of Nwanneka To Ponder On

I looked down at the little lifeless body of Nwanneka as I consoled her mother who has been crying off her eyes since the little girl died.

Tears flowed down my eyes, I hardly cry. Doctors hardly cry. We see deaths and joys every day and we got used to accepting any of it that comes. But Nwanneka’s case was a rare one. I couldn’t understand why a human being would be so heartless to do this to a 9-year-old girl.

Deep down, I felt the mother’s pain, it could be my daughter and it could be anybody’s daughter. Little Nwanneka died from vesicovaginal fistula disease. She urinated and defecated uncontrollably and was brought in just at a point of death.

She died barely one week she was brought in, amidst our struggles and treatments to save her life.
Nwanneka was the first child of her mother, her father died when she was 6 years.

Her mother, having three other children, gave out Nwanneka to her elder sister. From the very moment she entered the house, Nwanneka was turned to the family’s sex slave.

It all started on one very cold morning, she had gone into the oldest son’s room to clean his room as usual before going to school. He asked her if anyone was at home, she innocently shook her head in reply and bent down to sweep, she was grabbed from behind. He made her to play with his penis for a while. And then she was made to lick it before he penetrated her. She ended up not going to school that day.

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She laid on her bed and cried all through. Her aunt came back, met her with so much blood and queried her. She confessed of what Ikenna did and that was when an expected journey to life turned to death for Nwanneka.

“Can you forgive him?” She asked Nwanneka. And she nodded, with teary eyes. Well, each time he came back, she was asked to forgive him. Later on, the husband joined and the younger son. She was asked to forgive everyone and she forgave

It turned to everyday routine; they would all enter her room every day after work and ease off life’s frustrations on the poor girl, all three in a day. She
was asked to forgive them.

Nwanneka’s horrifying story was made public when she later took ill; she urinated uncontrollably and was taken back to her mother. After several medical observations, she was diagnosed of vesicovaginal fistula, and other related

Here lies 9 year old Nwanneka; a bright girl, she was about to write first school leaving examination. She died on my arms, in my hospital.


Ukamaka Doris, a graduate of Mass Communication, from Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka has a flair in writing and news reporting which led her into blogging. Previously, Ukamaka Doris has worked as an editor at and presenter at Unizik FM, 94.1, Awka. Ukamaka Doris can be contacted via phone call at 08167016206

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